Monday, September 30, 2019

Thinking about cleaning your carpet yourself?

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Thursday, May 30, 2019

3 Best Ways to Kick Off Spring

As winter rolls into spring, you may want to concentrate on fixing, organizing, and cleaning what’s outside — after all, most say that working in the sun is better than working under a light bulb — but there are some tasks inside that just shouldn’t be ignored.

Here are a few that will help your indoor air quality the minute you handle them.

Dusty decisions

A cold, hard winter means the house has been closed up and not aired out. The natural tendency is to think there is no dust coming in. That’s not true. Spring is a good time to thoroughly dust your entire home, picking up small items off table and desktops, cleaning off the tops of window frames, and don’t forget the baseboards. Don't forget your window blinds as they hold a great deal of dust and allergens.

Dust the entire home. Be sure to use rags or towels that will collect the dust, instead of spreading it around or pushing it off surfaces onto the floor, where you will just walk on it and kick it around.

All this work means you will be rewarded with less exposure to indoor airborne allergens.

Ducts and vents

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system works hard to keep you comfortable, and while it does that, the ductwork gets dusty and dirty. You don’t see it, so the tendency is you don’t worry about it.

Take off a vent or two and inspect. Get out the flashlight. Take a white towel and push it into the ductwork. Does it come out brown? While you can clean the vents, it’s virtually impossible to clean the ductwork yourself. You need to call a professional for the duct cleaning work.

Vacuum and sweep

This is a good time to get out your vacuum, inspect it thoroughly and clean it up, and start vacuuming everything. Every square inch of carpet you can get to and move as much furniture as you can. You would be amazed how much dust can build up under furniture over the winter.

Besides vacuuming the carpet, get a vacuum tool that can handle the hard floors as well. If you use a regular broom, you will stir up the dust and put it up in your breathing space. If you must sweep, find a tool that doesn’t “whisk” the dust up.

real clean

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Pet urine odor strikes again!

Has this happened to you?  Dog, cat, and human urine must be neutralized and flushed from your carpet and padding in order for the odor to go away.  Sometimes there are more spots than you may realize.  We used several methods to detect all pet urine spots so that they can be properly treated.  We have pets and we've been there.  Let us help - call today 216-939-8741.  Visit our webpage for some helpful tips for dealing with pet urine: 

Monday, September 3, 2018

Tile and Grout Floor Care

Tile floors are everywhere, and where there’s tile, there’s also grout to separate it all, keeping everything nice and even, with straight lines.
But a straight line may not always be so… clean. Dirt and grime and other contaminants build up over time and make what was once a beautiful floor look downright ugly. The grout is especially susceptible to soiling and staining.
Just as you would clean any surface, tile and grout floors need special attention. If you keep them clean, following a maintenance schedule, you won’t have to deal with the tough issue of restorative cleaning.
Here are a few simple tips for you to follow in order to keep your tile and grout floors in tip-top shape.
Sweep it
The first step is keep the floor swept. Sweep it daily, which will remove dust and debris and other contaminants that can eventually cause tough-to-remove soiling.
Mop it
Tile floors are very easy to clean and maintain. Use a clean mop and an approved detergent to clean the floor. Some prefer the newer flat floor cleaners. Doesn’t matter the tool, it is how you use it and the products you choose.
Some recommend the use of chlorine bleach, which acts as a disinfectant. The challenge here is remaining residues can create issues, such as being tracked off onto carpet, causing color loss. Be careful with the use of any type of bleach.
Grout issues
The toughest part of a tile and grout floor cleaning job is… the grout. It’s porous, even if sealed, and becomes an eyesore quickly. Purchase a heavy-duty grout cleaner and follow the directions. You will most likely be on your hands and knees, and it takes time to do this right. Apply the product to the grout, allow some reasonable contact time, and scrub - scrub - scrub! Repeat as necessary. Work carefully until the grout looks great again.
When everything is cleaned up, be sure to rinse with a neutral detergent, or just water, and let air dry and inspect. You will find areas need more attention. When you do… get back to work!
Tile and grout cleaning is no easy task, especially when it becomes really soiled. When you find yourself up against an impossible task, call your professional cleaning company. Call Delta Carpet Cleaning today at 216-939-8741. If you know the square footage of your tile and what type it is when can give you a quote over the phone.  Visit our webpage for some before and after pictures.  After all, it pays to call a pro!

Thursday, May 17, 2018