Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Bleach and Carpet Do NOT Mix!

This is what can happen when you try to clean your own carpet with a rented machine and you use the wrong cleaning product!  Bleach and other cleaning products can strip the color from your carpet.  Small spots can be repaired by Delta Carpet Cleaning (but not large areas like in the picture) using permanent dyes. If you have spots that need repaired give us a call 216-939-8741.  You can view some actual color repair jobs on our website at: http://deltacarpetclean.com/Spot-Dyeing-Color-Repair-Berea-Ohio.html

Friday, August 19, 2016

Should I have my furniture cleaned?

Most people forget about having their furniture cleaned. 
Dust, soil, pet dander and body oils make your furniture look dull and worn. 
They can also make the fabric wear out faster. For more information and pricing 
call Delta Carpet Cleaning today 216-939-8741. We even clean and condition leather! 
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